All the computer problems!

I've spent my whole week trying to fix up Toph (my Asus laptop) after getting terrible malware from downloading an audio program from CNET downloads. (I swear I wasn't looking at porn :P) Do not download progs from there people! I'm not sure to what extent the site is infected but it is.

I promised weekly updates, and I'll do my best to upload something every Sunday. Anyway, with the help of Aang (my Macbook Air) and Katara (my new 1TB hard drive) I decided to reformat my computer and start over. Finally got her to work and I'm glad. What a way to start a blog!

I've uploaded some more pictures from my mini trip this year in the photography section. This is what I've painted today, inspired by the beautiful Cave of the Winds which I went to last month. 

Still very much a noob to digital painting in general but I'll keep working!