Need to shape up.

Yes, and shape up in all aspects: physically/intellectually/artistically. I exercised today, first time this year! Attended a philosophers' cafe session. Drew more. It's time to get healthy again. In other news, I managed to only do a couple exercises this round.

Okay, composition is way off after placing it side by side. Must be tired. Body is in pain but I shall persevere! Goodnight :)



I've spent most nights just doing paper work lately. This whole year has been a year of paper work lol. Didn't manage to paint the past two days but I squeezed in a couple of thumbnails tonight. 

I am also secretly envious of people who make these one hour studies so pretty :P I guess it's gonna take me a lot more time before I am really comfortable with color and edges. Keep on trekking, my friends!

My (cab)edges!

(If you get the reference, we're immediate friends) A couple of studies today. These go by the one hour rule, and I've obviously failed. Second one looks better than the first though. It's difficult to provide clarity but I'll try my best. I'm going to do a couple of studies everyday for a week to see where I can go with it. 

Have a good week.

Good times are meant to be shared :)

Huge thanks to the wonderful IE team coming up with an amazing Christmas party! It's probably the party that I had the most fun in, 5 years in VFX. I love the consistent small company feel even as our numbers begin to grow.

More pictures here. As we're coming close to the end of 2015, it's just surprising how fast this year passes. I guess time does fly when we're having fun! Have a great rest of the week :)

Quick stuff for today.

Quick watercolors for today. Don't wanna waste the paints I've bought recently :P Skype sessions with my partner in science is still something I treasure. Thank you, Skype.

Had tons of fun with the IE Christmas party yesterday! Staying 5 hours in a party is definitely a record breaker for an introvert like me. :) Heading out for the Rascal Art Event soon, do drop by if you're free! Hope your weekend is awesome too!

Remember remember, the 5th of December.

(Okay that was lame.) Apologies for the missing update last week. I swear I wanted to post but for some reason Squarespace was down. I'm back!  

In any case, I will be part of a collection of artist for the Rascal Art Event which will be happening on 5th Dec 2015! If you happen to be in town (Vancouver), please drop by for the event! My 3 photography pieces will be for sale if you're interested.

I have been learning how to pick colors/values lately, learning from the old masters. Need to train my eyes better. Also, need more time! :P My partner in science made me date my work, so I could see improvement, if any. Probably gonna take a lot more years though! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Have a great weekend!

Belated Halloween stuff

YES! Finally Halloween for the first time in North America so I need to dress up to fit into the culture. :P Sadly I'm too old to go trick or treating but I definitely had fun being Sadako for IE's party.  All picture taken by/credits to Yosuke/Emily/Jayzica, my dear friends at work.

See, those panda eyes aren't useless after all! I don't even need makeup. :D And the costume above made by a colleague is awesome! Have a great start of November, people!


For no particular reason, today is filled with ABBA songs! (Some people must be cringing now.) 
♫Waterloo - Knowing my fate is to be with you
Waterloo - Finally facing my Waterloo♫
Thanks for the terrible taste in music, mum! :P

Anyway, couple of matte paintings for this week. Need to exercise my brain further, I'm a little out of practice :)

Garden of the Gods was ridiculously beautiful, do stop by if you happen to be in Colorado

Can't tell if it's a little too dark, Toph isn't calibrated

All the refs 

Have a good rest of Sunday and week!